Fruit Splash Editing

For those who have been attending our Fruit Splash workshops – I promised to put up a brief editing tutorial.. sorry for the delay (I completely forgot :O )

When you first go home and download your images, you probably think, they aren’t as good as I hoped/expected/wanted. But it’s not you, or the image. Like astro, they really don’t look much until you edit them. I use Photoshop, but for those using Lightroom – the sliders and controls are the same. However in Lightroom I do not know how you can ‘paint’ the black in and suggest doing it all in Photoshop until at least you have the background cleaned up.

Before and After

Step One:

The first image is straight out of camera .. I shoot Raw so it’s totally SOOC. Looks very underwhelming yes? Open it up in PS Camera Raw or LR and make the following adjustments:

Highlights – 10

Blacks – 50

Clarity +20

Vibrance +30

it’s not an exact science as it depends on how light your image was when you shot it – so you may like to tweak those values a little – but its the basic starting point on my image.

Step Two:

Crop the sides of the tank out

After the Crop

Step Three:

In Photoshop select your brush tool, then click the little black and white palette at the bottom of the left hand tool bar… then hover over your image, the cursor will now change to an eyedropper – click to choose an area of your black background to pick the black on YOUR image. Now paint over all the excess messy splashes to bring your splash out. Make the brush smaller to get into nooks and crannies using the [ and ] brackets. [ will make the brush smaller and ] will make it bigger. From here, you could go back to LR for your cloning of the glass drops and final processing if preferred.

After painting in the black

Step Four: Housekeeping

At the event we would have told you to keep the front of the tank free from splashes and to clean between each throw. The image below is why you need to do this.. the splashes on the outside take away from the image. If you have them you need to clean them up.

Messy water drops from splashes

To remove these is a one by one process, you can do two at a time if they are close together. With your lasso tool, go around the first drop, then hit delete on the keyboard to bring up the Content Aware menu – then hit enter. The splash should vanish. Continue until all are gone

Most glass splashes gone


I added a curves layer to brighten, then inverted it and using a hard brush, brushed it back just on the fruit.. then did the same with a vibrance layer to pop the colour. Finally, flatten your image (Edit>Flatten) and save as a jpeg. If you are using Lightroom you can do the same using the Lightroom brushes for exposure and vibrance.

Finished Splash