Bookings and Cancellations


Effective as of Sept 1st 2019

VPC admins are pleased to continue organising and hosting paid limited numbers events for our members.  These events usually come with a fee to cover:

(a) studio hire; and (b) costumes etc.

The admins constantly review the cost of running the event against the need to provide for as many members as practical. As a consequence of striving for “lowest cost” whilst balancing against the number of attendees per event, any cancellation from an event can have a major impact on the costs.     

In order to guarantee an event runs to the published date and provide price certainty for the other attending members, VPC admin have decided to implement the following Bookings and Cancellations policy:


Your attendance at these events is only confirmed after the following:

  1. Contact Bevlea Ross via email (this will be on the event info) to add yourself to the event
  2. Invoices will be emailed out to you in order of when the email was received until the event quota is reached.
  3. Payment must be made within 48 hours of the invoice date/time. Please quote the invoice number in your payment.
  4. Any payments received that have not be invoiced will be returned to you

Your place is confirmed upon payment.  Clicking on ‘Going’ on the event invitation does not guarantee your place. Those who sent emails but missed out on first round will form the waiting list.


In the event that you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances:

  1. All cancellations incur a $5 cancellation fee irrespective.
  2. Cancellations requested within first week of your booking will receive a refund (less cancellation fee).
  3. Cancellations requested after 7 days are not refundable unless someone on wait list agrees to attend, and completes payment.  You will be refunded (less cancellation fee) after payment is received.
  4. If there is no one on the wait list, no refunds will be provided unless you post to the group and find your replacement.  Again, you will be refunded (less cancellation fee) after payment is received.  If no replacement is found, you will not receive a refund.

This policy is effective for all VPC paid limited number events posted on or after September 1st 2019.