Multiplicity Weekend Project

Multiplicity Weekend Project

Multiplicity – Weekend Project #3 was loads of fun. Thirty-seven members took part, taking multiple images of themselves at their homes. These images were then merged into one final image replicating themselves multiple times in the image.

Some members went the extra mile with many iterations of themselves, some also changed clothes between shots. All the images were uploaded to the album and at the close of the event, the admins awarded each image points out of ten, based on,

  • Execution – max 3 points
  • Concept/story – max 3 points
  • Photography basics – max 3 points
  • Judges favourite (discretionary) – 1 point

The Winners

Points were tallied up and Melissa Dickson declared the winner with 54 pts with her card game.

Melissa Dickson winner of Multiplicity - Weekend Project #3

Second place with 53 pts went to Jenny Turner with her Covid-19 lockdown inhibited birthday party

Jenny Turner, second place in Multiplicity - Weekend Project #3

In third place wa Pio Marcelaine with the OnePio Band

Pio Marcelaine 3rd place in Multiplicity - Weekend Project #3

A few others that rated high in member likes were Roy Powell, Carole Perry, Neil Gibson, Lisa Willmore, Kellye Wilson, Ronald Fritz, Vicki Harding and David Reinhard

All The Scores of Multiplicity – Weekend Project #3

Melissa Dickson 54 Jenny Turner 53 Pio Marceline 52 Emma Turner 51 David Reinhard 51 Ronald Fritz 51 Kellye Wilson 50 Neil Gibson 49 Vicki Harding 48 Julie Powell 48 Marion Phillips 48 Lisa Willmore 48 Nerissa Turner 48 Roy Powell 46 Carole Perry 46 Emma Tyres 45 Keith O’Brien 45 Michael Nguyen 44 Deb Hamilton 44 Emma McPherson 44 Sue SG 43 Scott Jamieson 43 Han Goh 43 Sim Mie 43 Susan Marshall 43 Floss Butterworth 42 Elfram Chan 4 1Sue Adorjan 41 Julie Golledge 40 Niki Rogalski 40 Emily Reinhard 39 Philip Wood 39 Heather Rose 39 Carol Raises McConchie 37 Kerrie Matthee 34 Andrew Haysom 33 Robert Steel 27

Thankyou to all who played along and shared your images with us!

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