Scavenger Hunt At Home

Scavenger Hunt At Home

Back in 2018, we held a fun and successful scavenger hunt. Outdoors. In the city. Fast forward to 2020, and with the Covoid-19 #stayathome all our events have been postponed to a future date (as yet unknown). The outdoors is now out of the question. Enter the Scavenger Hunt at Home as Weekend Project #1.

For our scavenger hunt at home – thirty-six items needed to be found and photographed. All attracted one point each with some have a bonus point. All points collected to count towards our end of year awards.

68 members entered in the fun. A total of 1603 points were awarded (out of a possible 2788)

The most popular categories were:

  • Furry Creature (62 entries)
  • Statue (62 entries)
  • Sunglasses (62 entries)

The most challenging were:

  • Digital storage with a floppy disk (20 entries)
  • Spider with spider web (28 entries)

Our equal winners on 41 pts were Nerissa Turner and Scott Jamieson. They both were awarded 2.5 pts each from the 5 pts for first.

Nerissa Turner Scavenger Hunt at home
Something Furry by Nerissa Turner
Scott Jamieson - Scavenger Hunt at home
Jumping – must be in the air – by Scott Jamieson

As well as the total points – each admin then awarded their personal favourite an extra two points to the member.

Nerissa Turner scavenger hunt at home
Me, Myself and I – by Nerissa Turner. Chosen by Bevlea Ross, Vicki Harding and Pio Marcelaine – gave Nerissa an extra 6 pts
Jacquie Withers
A Furry Create by Jacquie Withers received an extra 2 pts from Kellye Wilson
Robyn Cuzens scavenger hunt at home
A Bike – by Robyn Cuzens received an extra 2 pts from Carole Perry
Robyn Cuzens
Something Yellow by Robyn Cuzens received an extra 2 pts from Michael McLean

Congrats to those who entered and those who picked up the bonus marks and well done! Big congrats also go to our winners. It kept everyone busy all weekend and was loads of fun. We will definitely repeat it again – either in the home or out of it if the #stayathome is lifted.

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