Mad Hatter Shoot

Mad Hatter Shoot

Our first Mad Hatter shoot was a load of fun… an evil queen with a mad, mad hatter, a harried rabbit, a curious Alice and a genteel queen all sat down for tea…in between mayhem they all mostly behaved 😉

The table is set… image by Deb Hamilton

Our table was set with food and chinaware.. Carole Perry made a 3 tier topsy turvy cake, a heart shaped cake and cupcakes… Deb Hamilton brought along cupcakes, we had ‘drink me’ bottles, ‘take me’ pills….

Cake by Carole, Image by Kellye Wilson
image by Deb Hamilton

Three backdrops plus a green screen were in operation…

White Queen by Carole Perry
Mad Hatter by Lisa Willmore
White Rabbit by Julie Powell Photography

Our cast included the Queen of Hearts, White Queen, White Rabbit, Alice and of course – the Mad Hatter

Red Queen by Jennifer Sui
Alice by Beck Faldon

It was a fabulous, fun shoot.. with the next one coming up on 22 March…

Alice Down The Rabbit Hole (using green screen) by Julie Powell Photography

White Queen by Therese Kidd

Image 10 of 10

Our Cast

Mad Hatter: Jess Carolyn

White Queen: Lisa Willmore

Red Queen: Emily Reinhard

Alice: Amelia

White Rabbit: Heath Garrett

Behind The Scenes

Makeup by Jess Garrett and Cassie Wright Kirk

Main Cakes: Carole Perry

Cupcakes: Deb Hamilton

Concept and Styling: Bevlea Ross

Extra Props: Mark Busuttil, Therese Kidd, Susan Martin, Kellye Wilson

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  1. Looks like I missed a great, fun event. Maybe next time! Awesome images everyone, and awesome models, costumes, props and makeup.

  2. An awesome post. Fantastic costuming Bevlea. Love the cake Carole. Cant wait to be involved in the next shoot.

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