Our first concept themed shoot for 2020 was Mermaids. Considering we are in the height of a hot summer it seemed a great idea to make use of the sunshine, beaches and a sunset with the added bonus of mermaids for portraits.

Drone shot of the some of the group by Victor Daniel Photography

It was a fabulous night. Thirty members, plus the entire admin team were on the sand at Red Bluff, Sandringham. We had two mermaids, costumed and wigged up posing on the rocks, and in the sand. Everyone got some great shots and we had a fabulous evening.

Mermaid #1 was Jess Carolyn image by Vicki Harding
Jess Carolyn by Julie Powell
Jess Carolyn by Mark Brewer

We started out with one of the girls on the rocks and the other on sand and moved them around from sand to rocks (well they rolled because they couldnt walk lol) and ended up at the end of the night with them both together in the water.

Mermaid #2 was Jess Garrett – image by Vicki Harding
Jess Garrett by Hoa Giang
Jess Garrett by Mark Brewer

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men ….. temperature wise it was a lovely warm 29C on our chosen day. But the sky didnt come to the party, and the water, once we encouraged our mermaids to take the dip.. was cold.

ooooooh thats cold by Jules Springfield
The Jess Duo by Bevlea Ross

We will have another mermaid shoot in the future, hopefully before the summer ends… stay tuned…

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  1. There are many beautiful images of the Mermaids. Have to praise the two Jess’. They look beautiful and the costumes are great.
    I would like to be considered as a participant if you do another Mermaid workshop.

  2. Lovely photos. Sad I miss out being so far away. Glad you all had a fab time.

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