Jingle Bells Christmas Shoot
Milk and Cookies with Santa

Jingle Bells Christmas Shoot

We expected Night Circus would be our last concept shoot for the year.. but at the last minute we threw (I kid you not, threw) Jingle Bells together. Cobbled a couple of Christmas backgrounds (a smallish one for dogs and another slightly bigger for kids). Tap our core helpers group for Christmas decorations and props, call on some of our regular models and we were set to go.


We started with Ms Claus (Jess) added one Santa (Andrew) then added another (Bill).. an elf (Brooklyn) and at the last minute another elf (Jett)

Jett and Andrew

It was a last minute mad dash sourcing costumes .. with collecting for Jett’s elf costume literally finished the day before.. don’t ever say we are’nt up for a challenge 😉

Everyone looked great and the props set the scene. We had mince pies, cookies and fine china for Santa.. special delivery of milk for his cup. Add blinking lights, fabulous chairs, a mini sleigh, reindeer, and a multitude of gift boxes we were ready to go!

I must to give full credit to those who helped make it possible.. Jess Ami and I floated the idea about four weeks before the shoot, and without the army of helpers and our willing models our Jingle Bells Christmas shoot would’nt have happened.



Santa 1 – Andrew Potts

Santa 2 – Bill Holmer

Ms Claus – Jess Ami

Elf 1 – Brooklyn Garrett

Elf 2 – Jett Kierl

Concept by Bevlea Ross

Styling by Bevlea Ros and Deanne Holmer

Props by Therese Kidd, Kellye Wilson, Deanne Holmer, Carole Perry, Mark Busittil, Bevlea Ross

Backdrops by Bevlea Ross and Vicki Harding

Lighting by VPC Photography

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