Kangaroo Island 2019 Pt 2

Kangaroo Island 2019 Pt 2

Days Two and Three

Tuesday morning – we were all up with the sparrows and on the road by 7am, driving to the Raptor Domain an hour away.

Penneshaw sunrise by Michael McLean

The Raptor Domain

The Raptor Domain is near Seal Bay and is a “Environmental, Educational, Rehabilitation Centre”. Its home to orphaned, injured and sick birds of prey, some who were born and bred in captivity. Some are rehabilitated and released back into the wild, some will never survive in the wild again, and so are presented to the public in educational presentations.

Black Cockatoos by Anna Mui

Our group had booked a 2hr private showing of the birds.. one hour of owls and one hour of Raptors. The team at the raptor domain flew some birds for us with a lure, before we moved the main area for the rest of our visit. The birds were fabulous and the handlers informative and helpful. I would highly recommend a visit here if you are on KI.

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After the showing those members who wanted to were able to hold Nellie the Wedgetail Eagle and have their photo taken

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Little Sahara

From the Raptor Domain we headed to Little Sahara, a series of sand dunes not far from Vivonne Bay. Little Sahara is a series of naturally occurring sand dunes – the highest of which is 70m above sea level. The area is privately owned – but heritage listed and open to the general public.

Little Sahara by Michael McLean
Little Sahara by Pio Marcelaine
Andrew and Robyn acting natural, by Albert Tay

We spent about an hour here before heading off to lunch at Vivonne Bay…

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Vivonne Bay Roadhouse, and it was then back on the road for photo’s of this famous beach. It regularly features on the ‘best beaches of Australia’ list with its turquoise waters, but a lot found it underwhelming.

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Seal Bay

Next, and last stop on our agenda for the day was Seal Bay. Again, we had a private experience booked. After a short talk by the ranger on seals and sea lions we headed off down the hill to the beach.

A short stop half way to allow the ranger to issue warnings. That we, (a) had to stay together at all times. (b) If the ranger says move she means right now! No kneeling down if you cant get up quickly (and probably at a run) and, (c) it was a steep walk and not suitable for anyone with heart conditions and bad knees. Lots of hands silently went up behind backs on the dicky knees proviso, but no we all said, we’re good!! lets go!!

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As a full-grown, male sea lion (a bull) can weigh up to 350kg and a full-grown female can weigh up to 100kg. I guess the move and move fast is relevant 😉 At the end of the tour it was time to head back up that steep hill we had all been warned about. Puffing, panting and gasping, with 2 rest stops we made it back up!.

Once on flat ground again, and our breath back, we headed to the cars, and drove to our accom for the next two nights. We were staying at Western KI Caravan and Holiday Park. And naturally, the best sunset of the ENTIRE trip was THAT night. When everyone was too tired to do more than watch and admire it from the veranda of our cabins and snap in our on phones

Sunset by Albert Tay

Next: Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and Cape Du Coedic Lighthouse

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  1. Fabulous, will have to put it on the family bucket list. Or when our group goes again

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