Speakeasy Shoots

Speakeasy Shoots

With a lot of members who enjoy photographing people we decided to run a few shoots each year, based around a concept. Our first concept shoot a couple of weeks ago was 1920’s Speakeasy.

The location for our Speakeasy was an old, empty, garage in Carlton with distressed brick walls, concrete floor and holes in the windows that looked like bullet holes – perfect for an underground card game and bar!

Wining Hand by Peter Hammer

We ran two sessions with ten photographers at each session. A morning and afternoon session with two dames and two gangsters at each and a changeover of photographers between sessions.

Guys and Dolls by Michael McLean

Bevlea sourced the dames costumes and some props, and a call went out to members who had suitable props to bring them along, with the lady lamp, gramophone, black chaise and old radio brought along by members. We were lucky to have the old wooden card filing drawers already there and we quickly made use of it.

The cast and photographers all had a fabulous and fun day – the dames sipped on their raspberry cordial “cocktails” while the gangsters sipped very moderately (they had real bourbon in their glasses). Our second speakeasy shoot is scheduled for Aug 25, a couple of new faces for our cast and a new crop of photographers – but just as much fun 🙂

Our Cast:

Dames: Emily Reinhard and Sarah AW

Gangsters: Bill Holmer, Mark Busuttil, Peter West

Emily HMUA by: MissMargaritaMonday

Lighting Provided by: Deanne Holmer Photography

Concept and Styling: Bevlea Ross

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